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There are

8 tickets left!


until the start of the second edition!

The coolest obstacle race in mud is back in 2017!
23 September - Snagov - Arkadia Horse Club.

Prices - Early Bird: 80 RON Single - 60 RON Team

Prices - Full: 100 RON Single - 80 RON Team

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15 km
50 m³
of mud
10.000 V
4 °C
water temp.
in the woods

You'll have fun and will take part on a memorable experience!
There will be a lot of mud throughout the 15 km route and 30 special obstacles that will test your physical abilities to the max.

MudRun is not a contest.
The goal is to get to the finish line together with your friends, to overcome your limitations and experience something you'll love to talk about. We'll all celebrate at the end with a cold beer on our side.
MudRun promotes team spirit. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a beginner, the fun of the race and the end-to-end satisfaction will be unique!
Check us out on Instagram 65ea24374d4fe31db76bde3c4d0b3b939ee6fa5c2c8886d125ca10752b012cf8 & Facebook e4316db843119bc691697a9c5a2d4f888d0565eb0943aa2e3935c14286d6d057 for the latest news!


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Mio MiVue Essential 350 Black

Rsz bratara min

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Ceas sport Mio MiVue Run 350

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Tine-te bine
Totul depinde de coordonarea mişcărilor braţe-picioare. Încearcă să ajungi pe partea cealalta fără să te uzi.
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More obstacles
MudRun promotes team spirit, even if you are a sports enthusiast or a beginner, the fun you will have in this race and the satisfaction you will have crossing the finish line will be unique!
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Few images from last year's edition
More images and obstacles
Join the competition!

Check us out onInstagram 65ea24374d4fe31db76bde3c4d0b3b939ee6fa5c2c8886d125ca10752b012cf8&Facebook e4316db843119bc691697a9c5a2d4f888d0565eb0943aa2e3935c14286d6d057

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