+What is MudRun?

MudRun is an obstacle race on rugged terrain that will test your physical condition until the last drop. The focus is on teamwork, on the desire to help others, just as others will help you. We put in place a 15 km long track and 30 obstacles with varying degrees of difficulty; But do not be scared, most of you will be able to pass over them successfully ... probably :)

+ Where is MudRun taking place?

Snagov, near Bucharest.

+Is MudRun a timed race?

No. The emphasis is on teamwork. Even if you come alone or with your friends in a team, along the way, you will help other participants to successfully cross the obstacles, like others will help you. The goal is to get to the end and have fun along the way, not to time your run. However, in order not to get lost along the way, we have estimated the maximum time to reach the end as 2 hours.

+Do I have to know how to swim?

All the obstacles can be avoided. But that is not the purpose. You do not have to know how to swim, though this helps in any case. Water barriers will be surrounded by help ropes and are constantly supervised by our staff.

+What happens if I can't get over an obstacle?

You have to try. You got to prove it to you. If you still can't, you can just get past it, but where's the fun in that?

+How do I join?

Click here. You can join individually or as a team. We'd like to mention that the tickets are not transferable or refundable. For more help, please contact us. You can also join the race in the day when the event is taking place.

+What's the minimum age to participate?

That's simple. 18 years old.

+Do I have to sign any papers?

YES. If you join the event in the day it is taking place, you will sign a participation statement stating that you are attending a potentially dangerous event with the risk of injury.

+Will there be any water pumps on the way?

Yes. We placed them in a way you can use them on an up-and-down way.

+Will there be any medics along the route?

Of course. The safety of the participants is above all.

+What facilities are there at the end of the race?

In the specially designed area you will have a washing area, toilets, tents to change your mud-clothes, and a food and bar area. Your friends who will come as spectators will not get bored as they expect you to finish. The Arkadia riding center will organize individual lessons at promotional prices for the MudRun spectators.

+Can I come with family or friends as spectators?

Yes. Supporters are welcome, with free entry. They'll be able to encourage you before the race starts, and they'll wait for you to tell them all about your experience.

+How do I know when the race starts?

For safety reasons, there is a maximum number of participants who can leave at the same time on the route. This is why the start will take place in tranches. The start time will be emailed to you 7 days before the event date. If you prefer a certain start time, please contact us. Click here.

+What do I have to bring with me on the day of the event?

We recommend you bring a set of changing clothes and a towel. You can store your baggage in the specially designed area. We recommend that you do not bring valuable things with you; We are not responsible for any lost things.

+Where can I leave my luggage?

Each participant will have a secure area where he can store his personal items. Again, we recommend that you do not bring valuable things with you.

+Will the event be cancelled in the event of bad wheather?

No. Not. We want beautiful weather for a walk in the park. At MudRun we want to test our participants in all conditions. In the case of rain with frogs or locusts, we will set another date for the event, your registration being automatically valid for that date.

+Where will I find the photos from the event?

We'll have enough photographers on the route that will immortalize you. After the event, we will collect all the photos and you will receive an email when they will be uploaded to our site.

+What does it mean to be a volunteer at MudRun?

Volunteers are very important for an optimal race. They will help the participants throughout the race as well as afterwards. As a reward for your help, you will receive a voucher for the next edition of MudRun, a voucher that will cover the full price of a ticket. If you want to join us as a volunteer, please contact us here

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